The MEBEL ART vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. This includes doing what we can to help create a world where we take better care of the environment, the earth’s resources, and each other. We know this continuous improvement is a never-ending job, and that we are sometimes part of the problem. But we work hard to be part of the solution. More than a world-class organization. We’re colleagues with a shared mission, a passion for excellence, a reverence for quality, an enterprising spirit, and an energetic drive toward the next big thing. Above all, we’re a strong group of people who respect each other and enjoy working together. We find it exciting to work at the hub of a company with a holistic approach to helping people create their homes. Mebel art is full-service. We conceptualize, design, source, manufacture, market, advertise, style, sell, distribute, and install. That means at headquarters our horizons are ever broadening. But our job is surprisingly straightforward: that is, to raise the bar — in all aspects of the company every day. Making sure the job gets done. With entrepreneurial spirit. Superior commitment. Creative thinking. Skillful networking. Scrupulous attention to detail. Exceptional quality. Ours is a fast-moving business with multiple channels and sources. We have to stay flexible, stay focused, and stay on top of it. We challenge ourselves every day because we know we’re expected to be the best. Creating the most beautiful, functional, and well-designed interiors, home furnishings, and shopping destinations around. We envision, invent, style, communicate, and present. We push ourselves to achieve the extraordinary. Our talented in-house creative teams design just about everything: furniture, accessories, fabrics, spaces, and every material known to ad agency and public relations firm. Every day, we put on a fabulous show. We believe that design is important. Today, more than ever, people understand the significance of a well-designed home. It’s the blueprint for a well-designed life.